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Tap into the Fall season with great selections of premium and import beers at Kroger


Thirsting to understand more about beer? For the novice beer taster, there are two basic classifications under which almost all beers fall - lagers and ales. Lagers are clean, refreshing beers with an understated aroma and a milder flavor. Brewed efficiently in a chilled environment, lagers are the more commonly known beer classification and are generally divided into two groups - pale and dark. Both pair well with a variety of foods and are best served cold. Ales, on the other hand, are the product of a more elaborate brewing process resulting in more complex and varied flavors. Most ales are served closer to room temperature. In fact, many ales feature recommended serving temperatures on their labels. Due to the complexity of their ingredients, it's sometimes a little harder to find an ale that suits your tastes or pairs well with your meal. But when you do discover one, the rewards are more than worth the effort.

No matter your preference, you're sure to find a fantastic selection of new and exciting brews along with the classic standbys at your neighborhood Kroger.

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